CompTIA Training from New Horizons

CompTIA offers the most recognized entry-level certifications in the IT industry. CompTIA training covers breadth and depth across critical technology subject areas to help you advance your career in IT and prepare for CompTIA certifications.

With CompTIA training, you’ll gain:

·         Widely respected certifications that major technology companies require for employment

·         A 5-15 percent higher salary than your colleagues who aren’t certified

·         Confidence to enter the IT industry and start applying to jobs

·         Experience required to pursue advanced certifications in the future

Whether you’re just entering the IT field or want to brush up on the basics, CompTIA training courses help you gain expertise to get ahead in your career. Having CompTIA certifications under your belt shows employers that you’re serious about your career and separates you from non-certified candidates.

CompTIA training from New Horizons prepares you for all the current CompTIA certifications including A+, Net+, Security+, Linux+, Project+, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), Server+ and more.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers offers award-winning courses that are continually updated to keep up with the changing requirements for professional certifications. Our simulations include task-based multi-path scenarios to provide real-world practice and prepare you for employment.

CompTIA training from New Horizons is ideal for people pursuing careers in growing technology fields, including:

·         Security

·         Networking

·         Cloud computing

·         Server and Linux administration

·         Project management



1.       Learn skills to get a new job: CompTIA certifications verify you have critical basic technology skills and know how to get the job done.

2.       Preserve your job and salary: As the economic landscape continues to evolve, certifications can lock you into tiered salary levels and prove you have expertise that stands above the rest.

3.       Pursue a new specialty: CompTIA certifications help candidates qualify for new job opportunities and enter different technology fields.

4.       Stand out in the resume pile: Validated CompTIA certifications on your resume help you stand out among other applicants, giving you a greater opportunity for an interview.

5.       IT is Everywhere: IT skills are in high demand in most companies and industries.

CompTIA Continuing Education Program

The following CompTIA certifications obtained after January 1, 2011 are only valid for a period of three years:

·         CompTIA A+

·         CompTIA Network+

·         CompTIA Security+

·         CompTIA Linux+

·         CompTIA Cloud+

·         CompTIA Server+

·         CompTIA Project+